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Vous souhaitez effectuer votre stage au sein de notre équipe d'enseignants-chercheurs?

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  • Design of a supporting structure of the solar panels > plus d'info
  • Mechanical design of a solar tracker motion system > plus d'info
  • 1 kW Bi-directional Dual-active Bridge Converter for Energy Storage Apllications > plus d'info
  • Characterization and control-command of an asynchronous electrical machine through a programmable power inverter > plus d'info
  • Development of a simple calculation tool dedicated to the pulsed magnetoforming, crimping and welding of tubes > plus d'info
  • Study of Frequency Control in a Stand-Alone Wind Power Generation > plus d'info
  • Space Vector PWM of multiphase drive systems for renewable energy applications > plus d'info